Permanent magnet for Guitar Pickups

Two type permanent magnets are used in pickups: AlNiCo and ceramic/ferrite. ...More

Loudspeaker Magnets

There are three types of magnets used in loudspeakers: ferrite, AlNiCo and NdFeB. ...More

The era of Rare Earth

With the development of the application of rare earth materials, whether in the military, industrial and life, which are more and more widely. Rare earth elements, however, is bounty by nature, treasure is not inexhaustible, rare earth materials are non-renewable resources, the more storage capacity is less and less, the so-called "scarcity results the expensive. "We all know the high price of gold, now the price of the rare earth is comparable to gold....More

What category does magnet permanent include ?

Magnet permanent includes Neodymium, alnico, Samarium Cobalt, Ferrite magnet There are many another names for magnet permanent. ...More

Neodymium Magnet Applications

Neodymium is a rare earth metal component mischmetal (mixed metal) which can be used to create powerful magnets....More

Magnetic seperator will increase NdFeB magnet 10%

If every magnetic separation equipment consumes more 10%, annual consumption of roughcast NdFeB magnet will increase 900-1000 tons....More

Working Temperature Influence on Permanent Magnet

Magnet is affected under the working environment, its performance will gradually change, when purchase magnet for new product, the user usually choose two or more grades of magnet to test which Grade is more suitable for the product. How will they regard the test result, how should choose grade? ...More

Will the price of Rare earth rise like 2011 year?

Light rare earth prices also recovery, we believe that light and heavy rare earth prices have rebounded after two years adjustment, we began to look for new price equilibrium....More

Magnet for Lamps

Package Magnets includes many types: For special cosmetic magnet, jewelry boxes, handbags, mobile phone covers, monopole magnets can meet their needs. ...More

Magnets in the iPad stop pacemaker?

Each Ipad and its Smart Cover have embedded some magnets in order to use on iPad PC perfectly. These magnets are in-built, very small and ignored by people generally. ...More

What is Separator Magnet look like?

With the high speed of replacement of electronic products and the dwindling of non-renewable resources, more and more people begin to pay attention to the electronics recycling industry. ...More

Do you know Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet?

Since the first oil crisis in 1973 and the radiation leak at Fukushima in 2011, more and more eyes on wind power....More

What adhesive should I use on neodymium magnets?

As a senior magnet manufacturer, we met some customers who consulted us adhesive for rare earth magnet. Magnets for motors, magnet for loudspeakers and magnet with plastic all need adhesive....More

How Much Do You Know Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium material is used in the manufacture of special alloys, electronic instruments and optical glass. Neodymium play an important role aser devices. ...More

Do you like to know the use of adhesive magnet?

3M double-side adhesive NdFeB magnet is also known as double adhesive magnet, easy peel 3M adhesive magnet. This product combines strong magnetic force of magnet and high viscosity of double-sided adhesive. It solves adsorption problem between non-ferrous and ferrous objects. At the same time, you don’t need to worry that double-side adhesive will only use one time and left stains on refrigerator or any other objects....More

What is the advantages and disadvantages of magnet

Rare earth permanent magnetic materials are mainly divided into sintered NdFeB and Bonded NdFeB, in addition to samarium cobalt magnets. Sintered NdFeB was vented and patented by the United States and t he Japanese Sumitomo Metal Universal together in 1983....More

jewelry magnets,magnetic jewelry

Here we talk about magnetic bracelet is made of ndfeb magnets. Small cylinder or square or disc, any small shapes can the material of magnetic bracelet. For example, in the following picture, there are D4x10 and 10x4x10mm magnets. With magnetic force, they can be separated in to single magnet. If you like, you can make a new one different....More

Magnetic motor for new energy automobile

If the global new energy vehicles reach 10% penetration rate, we are able to estimate that 12-40 thousands tons NdFeB will be demand....More

Large Magnets for sale

The size of Large Magnets are limited because of the brittleness and magnetized direction. Many products need large magnets to work. ...More

USA can really break rare earth monopoly?

The Pentagon and Toyota Automotive Industry Corp. is trying to break the global monopoly of rare earth mining. The application of rare earth is military unmanned aerial vehicles and electric vehicles....More

the merger of Rare earth mining companies

Molybdenum Company ("Molycorp") and the Canadian Neo Material Technologies, Inc. ("NeoMaterials" or "Neo") announced on March 9, 2009, they signed a definitive agreement, molybdenum company for $ 1.3 billion acquisition of Neo companies. The two companies after the merger to form the most technologically advanced and vertical industry chain in the world ,that is the most complete one of the rare earth companies. ...More

Phone vibration motor magnet

The miniaturized, lightweight, thin of instrumentation, electro-acoustic motors and other equipment is based on the development of permanent magnet. ...More

Super strong magnets

The size and weight of device can be decreased manyfold with sintered ndfeb magnet instead of other permanent magnets. So we can have thin iphone and ipad....More

Computer Hard Disk Drive permanent magnet

You may curious what computer hard disk drive has. Now let’s take a look at it....More

Vaseball Magnet Vase

Right! Magnet Everywhere. ...More

Toy magnet, magnet ball, neocube & children safety

Magnets are widely used for toys, building materials, and jewelry....More

The bright future of ferrite magnets

Ferrite magnetic material is a sintered permanent magnet materials, which is make up of barium and strontium, no matter the ferrite magnets material have the strong anti-demagnetization performance, but also the advantage of Cost Low. ...More

Magnet for Polarizing filter and color filter

When the polarizer / filter mounted on the lens, you need the support of the magnet. Like the circular polarizing lens, generally it uses ring-type NdFeB magnets which are very thin, very small, but with very strong magnetic force. These sintered ndfeb magnets are easily oxidized. ...More

The neodymium magnet still owns active market

That surplus of low-end products, the scarcity of high-end products is the statusof China NdFeB market. But rare earth material prices gradually return to be reasonable, the industry believes that the Chian NdFeB market still have bright future....More

Japan developed New permanent magnet without Dy

Toshiba recently announced that they have developed a new high iron condition SmCo magnet without rare earth DY, but with higher magnetic force and higher temperature resistance. This magnet will be planed to the market in the end of 2012. ...More

Whether China can successfully get rid of the low-

China is on the top of storage of rare earth material China has about half of the world's rare earth reserves, it has played the position of the exporting countries of the world's largest rare earth. However, with the continuous transformation of the Mainland economy, policy makers continuously push forward the high-tech industry, Chinese rare earth industry is seeking for quiet transformation in the role of trade. Whether China can successfully get rid of the low-end rare earth supply?...More

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