Whether China can successfully get rid of the low-

Post time: 2014-10-03 16:38:17

China own about half of the world's rare earth reserves, it has played the position of the exporting countries of the world's largest rare earth. However, with the continuous transformation of the Mainland economy, policy makers continuously push forward the high-tech industry, Chinese rare earth industry is seeking for quiet transformation in the role of trade. Whether China can successfully get rid of the low-end rare earth supply?

Rare earth as an important material for high-tech industries must have been the focus of the international energy battle. China is rich in rare earth resources and is the largest rare earth magnet producer and exporter in the world, rare earth production accounts more than 90%.

A large number of news report China is rich in rare earth, could rare earth storage in Russia and United State is scarce . The U.S. Geological Survey findings show that China has about half of the world's rare earth reserves, reaching 55 million tons, Russia has 19 million tons, 13 million tons in the United States.

China expresses its domestic reserves is close to the global 1/4, but the provision of rare earth products is 90%,this status will not unsustainable any longer.Industry sources report that China's efforts to promote consumption of domestic high-tech industries, not just the transportation of raw materials from overseas, China is expected to change in 2014 or 2015 as the rare earth importing country.

In June , the United States, Japan and the European Union have joined together to report on WTO to apply for arbitration on china restricting exports of rare earth. China responded that reducing exports of rare earth is caused by damage to the environment from the proliferation of mining in the few decades , but also made it clear that, compared to as the largest producing countries, China is more interested in becoming the largest consumer of rare earth country.

As part of the promoting downstream industry, China government is encouraging major rare earth production areas to learn Japan practices of companies such as Hitachi, to start in the mining industry, eventually being a high-tech enterprise.

In June, China's Ministry of industry and information technology department showed that China take up light-emitting materials, hydrogen batteries and glass polishing material production over 70%, all of these products need rare earth.magnet and related products. it is thus clear that China transform into rare earth importer and consumption growth to the industry chain from planning are overwhelming.