Japan developed New permanent magnet without Dy

Post time: 2014-10-03 16:29:25

Toshiba recently announced that they have developed a new high iron condition SmCo magnet without rare earth DY, but with higher magnetic force and higher temperature resistance.

This magnet will be planed to the market in the end of 2012.

High temperature resistance NdFeB magnet is used Dy to place some part of Nd. And it widely used on high working temperature motor in car and train.

As shortage of Dy in the nature and price increase of material, people rush to find some replacement which can stand 100 cent degree magnet, but with same high power.

Under the special Heat Treatment developed by Toshiba independently, the new Samarium Cobalt Magnet has strong power t now. And as everyone knows , 100℃ is just a piece of cake for SmCo Magnet.