Magnet for Polarizing filter and color filter

Post time: 2014-10-03 16:43:29


Recently, Schneider released their first circular polarizing filter: BW Smart-Pro. This product is designed for smart phones. Its maximum compatible filter diameter is 8mm. Smart-Pr is installed on camera by a magnet and it can be used on all existing iPad and iPhone, as well as other tablet and Smartphone.



Polarizing filter is generally used on high-end, professional photographic equipment. The polarizer is mainly used to eliminate or reduce reflection of light from the non-metallic surface. Filter (UV lens) is mainly used to absorb ultraviolet when long shot, because the film is very sensitive to ultraviolet light. When the polarizer / filter mounted on the lens, you need the support of the magnet. Like the circular polarizing lens, generally it uses ring-type NdFeB magnets which are very thin, very small, but with very strong magnetic force. These sintered ndfeb magnets are easily oxidized. Coating is necessity here. And in order to keep consistent appearance, we choose black epoxy. Of course, as per design requirement, you also can use magnet without coating if magnet do not work in the air.


 The first order of magnets for color filter is from a USA photographic equipment company. Some companies from Europe and China also order this kind of magnet since 2010. Through several years' research and improvement, the production is matured now. If you need, please email us.