Toy magnet, magnet ball, neocube & children safety

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Magnets are widely used for toys, building materials, and jewelry. If two or more magnets, or a magnet with a metal swallowed by child, they may attract mutually and stay at the human body while through the intestinal wall, disrupting or distorting the large intestine, causing intestinal perforation, blockage , infection, and even leading to death. Only emergency surgery can solve this. Not only young children swallowing, some older children and young people will accidentally swallow magnet while using magnets to imitate tongue studs or lip rings.


Neocube from China Magnets Source Material Limited


To avoid this dangerous, New South Wales (Australia) recently issued a temporary injunction on new products with small magnets. The interlocutory injunction will protect all the families of New South Wales, especially young children. These small magnets in the size of 4-5 mm in diameter are marked with name BuckyBalls, Neocubes and Neodymium sphere magnets, Ferrite singing magnet, Buzz Magnet, Singing Magnet, Rattlesnake Egg Toy, Snake Egg, Magnet Snale, Singing egg and so on.


Parents and caregivers should keep toys or emerging products containing small, powerful magnets away from young children, and at the same time warn the older children and adolescents its potential risk. If you saw or suspect that the child or young person swallowed magnets, please seek immediate emergency medical assistance in order to reduce the possibility of serious injury.


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