Vaseball Magnet Vase

Post time: 2014-10-03 16:30:35

Besides magnet for motor, generator; it can be found in our household articles, like vase.


Most vases here are narrow-mouthed with opaque bottle. It is hard to see the inner side of bottle. But with the vase in the following picture, you can see directly when flowers need water. The principle of application is very simple: magnet with same pole will repel each other!


Is there anyone who will ask: what is a magnet and how magnets work?


Magnet is made of rare earth. It works because of magnetic force.  Magnet and magnet, magnet and ferrous object can attract each other. There are neodynium magnet, SmCo magnet, AlNiCo magnet, Ferrite (Ceramic). Or you can call them permanent magnet, rare earth magnet.


Cool, let’s have more new idea to use magnetic force for better life!