Computer Hard Disk Drive permanent magnet

Post time: 2014-10-03 16:42:40

This is an old Hard Disk Driver



Then open the cover, what is it?



Wow attract to a steel plate, that is king magnet “sintered ndfeb magnet”



These magnets are similar in shape. The size is about 30x10x2mm, but if you need to buy, magnet drawing is needed.


You may ask: what is the application of magnet in the hard disk drive?


When we use hard drive, they work by spinning head. There is coil back the head. Energized coil will generate magnetic field. The magnetic fields between the coil and the magnet will be mutually exclusive to rotate the head.



What the waste hard disk can do?


There are different kinds of recovery of renewable resource. Magnet is one of them. If someone need magnet and just can find an old disk drive, he does not need to go online magnet store to purchase. And this magnet in hard drive is very powerful. If you have a car, you can use magnet in the oil filter or use magnet to fix GPS. You can find more function of waster magnet if you keep thinking.