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Post time: 2013-06-17 15:50:46

Here we talk about magnetic bracelet is made of ndfeb magnets. Small cylinder or square or disc, any small shapes can the material of magnetic bracelet. For example, in the following picture, there are D4x10 and 10x4x10mm magnets. With magnetic force, they can be separated in to single magnet. If you like, you can make a new one different.

Magnetic bracelet or necklace will stimulate the body's own mechanisms of blood pressure regulation and the buck regulator to prevent hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease by continuously stimulating the meridians of the wrist or neck; it is also found that by promoting blood circulation of the body itself, adjusting incretion system function and increasing the power of the intrinsic cycle, Magnetic field can relieve the pain of back pain, limb numbness, dizziness, insomnia which caused by poor blood circulation and intrinsic cycle. The main principle is increasing Vibration ion in the blood plasma by magnetic field, so as to promote the blood circulation.


The following people shall be precautions for application

1.People with hemophilia or thrombocytopenia;

2. Pregnant woman use under doctor’s instruction;

3. Permanent magnet allergy;

4. Patients with cardiac pacemaker

5. Please don’t near to magnetic card and mechanical watches too close to avoid any influence when you carry magnetic therapy products.

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