What adhesive should I use on neodymium magnets?

Post time: 2014-10-10 14:19:59

As a senior magnet manufacturer, we met some customers who consulted us adhesive for rare earth magnet. Magnets for motors, magnet for loudspeakers and magnet with plastic all need adhesive.


Questions like:

1. What adhesive should I use on neodymium magnets?

2. Best adhesive for permanent magnets?

3. Best glue or method for attaching magnets?


First, you should get to know your magnet well.

1.Strong Magnetic force, if possible, make a hole to fix magnet

2.Usually Ni coating, very smooth, if possible, get them rough enough

3.Max working temp. (Different grades have different working temp.) , with high temp., magnet will demagnetize.


Second, to choose an adhesive, you should pay more attention to the application environment.

Different adhesive, the application is different. E.g. Temp. Humidity, Oil condition and so on. You should tell adhesive professional all details and ask them to recommend the best for you.


The adhesive we have used:

Epoxy adhesive

Acrylic resin AB glue

Gorilla Glue (Urethane acrylate resin)


Many Loctite adhesive can be used on magnet. Please find information here.

LOCTITE® Magnet Bonding Structural Adhesives - for the fastest, most durable bond strengths on ferrite, alnico and neodymium iron boron permanent magnets.




1. Ability to use lower cost components

2. Decreased inventory cost

3. Easier to automate

4. Will not chip magnets

5. Prevent corrosion

6. Acid-free

7. Higher impact strength

8. Higher temperature resistance

9. Lower odor

PS: Some application, people will use countersunk magnet to fix magnet into other parts by screw.


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