Magnets in the iPad stop pacemaker?

Post time: 2014-10-03 16:35:29

Each Ipad and its Smart Cover have embedded some magnets in order to use on iPad PC perfectly. These magnets are in-built, very small and ignored by people generally. But now a 14-year-old teenager named Gianna Chien found that when the user put the iPad on the chest, the magnet in the iPad may unexpectedly cause the pacemaker to stop, especially when sleeping or lying down. This discovery for those who have implanted cardiac pacemakers and other electromagnetic generator is very valuable.


Under normal circumstances, the magnet in the iPad is too small; there is no influence for human body. Only when placed in the chest will cause this problem easily. Chien’s survey found, the probability of in-built small magnet closured cardiac defibrillator is approximately 30%. If you take away the iPad from the chest, most of cardiac defibrillators can automatically resume normal operation, but some have to be manually activated.

Also, users need pay attention to Apple product guide requirement: to place the iPad with smart cover at least 15 cm away from the pacemaker place when open the iPad. Therefore, those who have implanted pacemakers should not use this product close the chest at any time.



• A bit of magnetic viewing film works wonders in revealing the magnets hidden beneath the Smart Cover and iPad 2.Magnetic viewing film has special properties that allow it to react to a magnet's poles.
• The Smart Cover has one magnet that turns off the iPad 2's screen. The rest are used to either clamp to the iPad on the right side (the far-right column of magnets), or to form the triangular shape used to create a stand for the iPad 2.
• We were curious earlier why Apple decided to use so many magnets on the right side of the Smart Cover. They needed at least four to complement those in the iPad 2, but why the other ten?
--They used a steel-to-magnet bond (which is weaker than a magnet-to-magnet bond) to form the triangular stand, and so they needed lots more magnets to prevent the case from literally falling apart during use.