Magnet for Lamps

Post time: 2014-07-22 14:57:37

The only impression for the magnets is that I picked up some small piece of black subjection and can suck iron products, then found it was funny when I was child.
After take up magnets industry know that it was ferrite magnets. Magnet actually is all around in daily life. Listening to music, enjoying air conditioning or fan, refrigerator at home, as well as iPhone and IPAD you use, magnets are hidden in daily items inside. Even some crafts enthusiasts use magnets to do some work of art, in China, and even have formed a new recreational handicrafts. Computer-driven also have magnet in it.
in daliy work, we find more and more purposes of magnet, the magnet will be used the original lighting, common shape are small discs, block and some irregular shape. Package also includes many magnets: For special cosmetic magnet, jewelry boxes, handbags, mobile phone covers, monopole magnets can meet their needs.

Magnet First infiltrate industrial production, and then are effect daily life, such as aerospace equipment, military industry, nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus, dental equipment, etc., some high-tech equipment for magnet demanding, such as temperature, consistency, stability of the magnetic field aspects.
1980’s, people never stop t R & D magnet and development. So far, China manufacturers have emerged in many high-performance magnets.