Magnetic seperator will increase NdFeB magnet 10%

Post time: 2014-07-22 14:29:56


   Development of new technologies and improvement design, which is possible to introduce usage of NdFeB magnets or increase the consumption of the magnet.

   According to a senior design engineer’s words, at presently, magnetic field of dry sorter equipment widely adopt fiberglass barrel to prevent stainless steel barrel from generating current and becoming heating under alternating magnetic field. Thickening material wall leads to increase consumption of NdFeB magnets. The powerful magnetic field equipment for hematite magnetic devices (1T-2.4T) are widely researched and developed. Engineers predict that magnetic separation equipment field will increase consumption and require high performance magnets.

   From Information and data analysis, if every magnetic separation equipment consumes more 10%, annual consumption of roughcast NdFeB magnet will increase 900-1000 tons.