What category does magnet permanent include ?

Post time: 2014-10-03 16:46:44

Magnet permanent includes Neodymium, alnico, Samarium Cobalt, Ferrite magnet

There are many another names for magnet permanent. From user’s description, they are used to call them rare earth magnet, strong magnets, NdFeB magnet and so on. In fact, Neodymium can be called strong magnet, compared to alnico, Samarium Cobalt and ferrite magnet, neodymium permanent magnet is much stronger than other two types magnet.

Neodymium magnet permanent include more iron ingredients, so the neodymium magnet is easy to rust, manufacturer make a protective coating. Usually, the coating is nickel-copper-nickel, sometime, some users request Zinc as protective coating. The alnico, Samarium Cobalt and ferrite magnet permanent do not need coating, they are not easy to rust.

Neodymium magnet permanent application is very extensive; it even replaces Ferrite in motor industry. The DC motor, synchronous motor, brushless motor even AC Motor adopts magnet permanent - neodymium magnet. And, most high performance speaker use Neodymium magnet permanent even high grade SH magnet as important part instead of ferrite magnet. Samarium Cobalt magnet permanent use for high-technology industry, such as military aerospace, and some magnetic drive pump also adopt Samarium Cobalt permanent magnet.

If the user learn more about the magnet permanent, it is helpful for to design suitable magnet for product. In the term of working temperature, shape, strength, Learn more, more surprise. Magnet permanent severely affect product working, product cost, product life and so on.