The era of Rare Earth

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The era "gold-rare earth” is coming
 --- Rare earth materials, non-renewable, and the application of multi-faceted
Post time :2013-10-25

“The use of rare earth permanent magnet will mark the level of modernization in a country or family "do you believe it?
With the development of the application of rare earth materials,  whether in the military, industrial and life, which are more and more widely. Rare earth elements, however, is bounty by nature, treasur is enot inexhaustible, rare earth materials are non-renewable resources, the more storage capacity is less and less, the so-called "scarcity results the expensive. "We all know the high price of gold, now the price of the rare earth is comparable to gold.
However, what areas is used by Rare earth magnet? It can be said that the application of rare earth permanent magnet materials has gradually penetrated into all fields. We have been kept in know-nothing.

Rare earth magnets in the specific applications, it is mainly used in: computer and microcomputer voice coil motor (VCM) and floppy disk drive, automotive, BP machines and mobile phones, magnetic resonance imaging, electric vehicles, VCD and DVD spindle drives, copiers , fax machines, power tools, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, CNC machine tools, elevator drive and all kinds of new energy-saving motors; concentrator, iron removal equipment, various types of magnetized water, magnetic devices; high-performance microwave tubes, fish lightning forward, gyro, laser-guided, the Alpha magnetic spectrum proposed state-of-the-art device; magnetic drive, magnetic disk, magnetic lifting gear and so on.

In the hot emerging industries, as the specific application of the magnetic properties of rare earth resources, the rare earth material is important to develop high-tech intermediate materials, which are widely used in electronic information, electric  vehicles, nuclear magnetic resonance, wind power and other fields. As with many source like the kind of state of industry, the emergence of rare earth permanent magnet is a significant step forward in the field of permanent magnet materials, the rare earth permanent magnet materials of high performance magnetic devices in high-tech industries more efficient, miniaturized, The light has become possible.

After the popular using the rare earth magnet, which directly lead to the rare earth material into the expensive "gold" era, which should perhaps be considered in advance, or maybe it should be, it is the right value of the rare earth magnet. But most businesses are not ready.