The outlook of Eextension about permanent magnets

Post time: 2014-09-11 16:13:28

The New Year has started; let's look ahead to new application of rare earth permanent magnets. 

New generation of permanent magnet tram is on operation in Qingdao
on Feb.17th, the third generation of the most advanced international 100% of tram-like vehicles in is assembled at China CSR cooperation Limited.  In China, it is first that adapt two world-leading technologies: the permanent Magnets motor to drive on tram-vehicles and articulated bogie.


Recently, the Chinese high-speed rail trains ads on New York Times known as "the crossroads of the world," marking the Chinese high-speed rail is gradually walking out of China. China high-speed rail as an important export industry attract the attention of many countries in recent years. As countries around the world develop rail transit construction, Wire and Cable companies in China will get many business opportunities. In recent years, China's traditional copper cables in the power transportation, safety and installation costs, has become increasingly unable to meet the requirements of high-speed railway construction, aluminum cable enter into the sight of construction personnel.According to "China wire and cable industry market demand forecasting strategic planning and investment analysis report" part of the data shows that the future of the cable market, the rare earth aluminum cable high-speed rail applications will be more widely used, replacing copper cable will become an inevitable trend.


Popularizing the trend of new energy vehicles, from the long-term view of development, production and promotion, development of new energy vehicles should be the next big trend, and will drive a large number of related industries to flourish; Second, in addition to driving related industrial chain of lithium, demand of Neodymium pulling booming cannot be ignored. Although Tesla does not use the permanent magnet synchronous motor, this does not explain synchronous permanent magnet motors is not advanced. Compared with asynchronous motor, energy-saving, high - power is the greatest advantage. Rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor is still the mainstream of current and future direction of development.

Changsha will open construction of low magnetic levitation railway, which is a good start and a great amount of the project. I believe more and more cities construct low magnetic levitation railway.