Permanent magnet cost is rising on August

Post time: 2014-09-11 16:15:03

On August 4th , 2014 NdFeB Magnet cost is rising. Because the stockpile and stock price of Praseodymium -Neodymium Oxide has been fixed.
The stockpile of Praseodymium-Neodymium Oxide is 4000tons; Amount is 311,800 CNY (USD51000)per ton x 4000Tons. On August 8, cost of Praseodymium-Neodymium Oxide Metal is 395,000-398,000 CNY per Ton (USD65840-66340 per ton).
The price of NdFeB Magnet should not be down within several months. We suggest customers who have magnet demand before Oct.2014 to arrange magnet order with Supplier.
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