Sintered Neodymium Magnet

EUKE is China Manufacturer/ supplier of NdFeB Magnet for motor, sensor, actuator, Speaker and so on. As a market leader in various industries, EUKE focuses on manufactur

Bonded neodymium magnet

Bond neodymium magnets is made of neodymium powder and adhesive. The Working temperature is -20℃ to 140℃. Usually, bonded neodymium magnet

Samarium Cobalt Magnet

EUKE MagTech Ltd is one of leading Samarium Cobalt ( SmCo magnet) manufacturers in China.Supply SmCo5 and Sm2Co17 magnets with excellent quality

Magnet assembly for rotor and stator

EUKE supply magnet assembly for rotor and stator.

Alnico Magnet

The magnet made by people is accrued in the 18th century; but until in the 1930's, the stronger magnet was discovered by Japanese Material experts Mishima. That is alumin

Ferrite magnet

Compared with other kinds of Magnet, Ferrite Magnet price is cheapest. Most ordinary speakers are using Ferrite Magnet which enough meets its magnetic field needs.

Magnetic Filter

Magnetic shelf is widely used in food, dyes, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, mining, environmental, plastics(injection molding ), chemicals, rubber, paint, metallurgy and othe

Speaker Magnet

The magnets in speaker create magnetic field and help to convert electricity into sound waves. Three kinds of magnets are used on speaker: Ferrite, AlNiCo and NdFeB magne

Magnetic Assembly

Euke MagTech Limited is a leading manufacturer of magnetic assembly with many years production experience.

Guitar Pickup Magnet

Two type permanent magnets are used in pickups: AlNiCo and Ceramic/Ferrite.

3M Double Adhesive Magnet

3M Double Adhesive Magnet contains two important elements: magnetic force and adhesive force.

N52H NdFeB Magnet

Euke MagTech Limited is special developing to make the rare earth strong magnet,we can make the N52H magnets and export to USA,Germany

Magnetic Toy

Euke MagTech Limited do not just supply usual magnetic cube, but also supply turning-colors and luminous Bucky ball.

Magnetic Drive Pump

Euke MagTech Limited Manufacture permanent magnets for Magnetic drive pumps.

Motor Magnet

Motor magnet is one of the most important application. It power every aspect of our life. Sintered NdFeB, Bonded NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Ferrite all can be used on motors.

wind turbine magnet

The magnet used on wind turbine generator is sintered ndfeb magnet.

Permanent Magnet for Separator,pulleys,drums

Magnet in the separator needs strong magnetic force, so they can finish work well. Hence big block sintered ndfeb magnet and ferrite usually use here.

Hast Sintered NdFeB Magnet-Low Weight lost Magnet

Due to superior performance, Sintered NdFeB Magnet is widely applied to many fields since invention. It is the backbone of the permanent magnet industry now.

Sensor Magnet

To actuate a switch or a sensor, we need to use permanent magnet or magnets with housing. The Actuator Magnet is also named actuating magnets, actuation magnet.

Medical Magnet

The earth is a piece of big magnet and its magnetic force affects our body everyday. The principle of Magnet therapy is recover our magnetic field to prevent disease and

Magnetic Coupling

Euke MagTech Limited manufactures kinds of rare earth magnet for Magnetic Coupling.

Water Treatment Magnet-Magnetic water softener

The Sintered Neodymium Magnet and Ferrite Magnet can be used for making water purifier.

filter magnet

Euke MagTech Limited can customize permanent magnet for ND filter. The magnet in ND filter is to help hold the filter in place.

magnetic jewelry

Magnetic Jewelry is with decorative function ,as well as is helpful for body.

Cow Magnet

Cow magnet can effectively remove the ferrous and ferrous materials which adsorbed on the cow's stomach. It can enhance appetite and immunity

Door Catcher Magnet/Magnetic Door stopper

Magnetic Door stopper (alternately Magnet Door Catcher )uses sintered ndfeb magnet and ferrite magnet to keep door open.

packing magnet

Euke MagTech Limited can make permanent magnet for paper box, package, ipad cover, mobile cover, leather bag and so on.

Clasp Magnet

Euke MagTech Limited manufacture Kinds of Magnetic Clasp.

Education Magnet

Euke MagTech Limited produces magnet for education (such as teaching experiments, demonstration teaching tool)

Daily magnet

Euke MagTech Limited supply kinds of daily magnetic products. Such as Magnetic clip, Magnetic pick up, Magnetic name badge, Refrigerator Magnet, Magnetic hook which are

Halbach Array

Halbach array is a magnetic structure that is similar to the ideal structural engineering; the goal is to generate the most amount of the strongest magnetic field.

Industrial Magnet

Euke MagTech Limited supply all kinds of permanent magnets which are widely used in industry.

High-end Hardware Products

The material include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, iron, plastic etc.