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Samarium Cobalt Magnet

Samarium Cobalt Magnet is one of the rare earth permanent magnets, made of the mixed materials of metal cobalt, samarium or praseodymium by melted crushed, pressured and sintered. EUKE MagTech Ltd is one of leading Samarium Cobalt ( SmCo magnet) manufacturers in China.
Manufactures SmCo5 and Sm2Co17 magnets with excellent quality.
- Accurate tolerance;
- Stable magnetic properties;

The advantages and features of SmCo5 & Sm2Co17 magnets
Compared with Sm2Co17, the properties of mechanical and ductility of Sm1Co5 is better. So Sm1Co5 is superior choice for the magnet that cannot be processed by Sm2Co17 material. Sm1Co5 materials is easier to process irregular-shape magnets. The operating temperature of the Sm1Co5 magnets can reach 250℃. Before designing, we suggest that users get some knowledge of the properties and characteristics of SmCo5 (1:5) and Sm2Co17 (2:17), and then choose reasonable and suitable samarium cobalt material.
For the thin wall or the thin thickness magnets, we recommend that customers to consider Sm1Co5 as material. The BH(max) of Sm2Co17 magnets are 20-32MGoe, which is slightly higher than SmCo5 magnets. Sm2Co17 magnets can bear operating temperature 350℃. Sm2Co17 magnets mainly are used in aerospace, automotive sensors, high temperature motor, microwave devices, military field because of low temperature coefficient, slightly stronger anti-corrosive quality. Sm2Co17 magnet is more brittle than Sm1Co5 magnet. So the magnets should be handled gently when install. Keep two magnets away or away from iron material in order to prevent the magnets damage or cracks.
Some users  magnetize by themself for their application. Please pay attention, Sm2Co17 magneta are hard to be fully magnetized than Sm1Co5 magnets. It needs greater magnetic field. Sm1Co5 magnets requires magnetic field about 40,000 gauss. The users should set up the magnetizing device according to the Samarium Cobalt material 1:5 and 2:17.
Plating: Compared with neodymium magnet, Samarium cobalt magnets have superior anti - corrosive and oxidation resistance. So usually it does not need coating. But if customer needs coating for nice appearance, it can be plated nickel, zinc, gold, or epoxy or other coating.
Magnetization direction: In addition to the normal magnetization direction, our company can manufacture SmCo magnets with axial multi-poles. The deviation of magnetization direction can be controlled between 2° -3°.
Application: Samarium cobalt magnets are widely used in medical equipment, apparatus, instrumentation, aerospace, defense industry, micro-wave devices, communications, sensors, magnetic processor, electrical, magnetic cranes, etc.
Properties for Samarium Cobalt Magnets
Euke MagTech Limited owns mature production technology and advanced equipments, can produce a variety of shapes and high-performance and stable performance of samarium cobalt products. Welcome to contact us and provide specification and drawings. You could choose grades from table below and contact us at sales@cmsmagnets.com