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Speaker Magnet


Speakers have a permanent magnet inside, no matter what size or how powerful the speaker is, produce the sound by interacting with the changing magnetic field, driving the cone. Speaker manufacturers have been searching a long time for better magnet in speaker driver to achieve the best of tone quality in different ranges. Euke MagTech Limited can provide speaker magnet based on your design. Any requirement please email us.


  • Neodymium Magnet - Greatest field strength, Good Frequenty, reducing speaker size and weight; 

  • Ferrite /ceramic Magnet -  cost less, Greater weight make speaker system heavier , sound betten when louder;

  • Alnico Magnet -  cost expensive, tougher and less prone to cracking,  easier to lose magnetism, It is popular for guitar;


  • Samaium Cobalt Magnet- cost is most expensive than any other three types magnet;  It is brittle , but be better heat resistance.




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