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Magnetic Toy


Euke MagTech Limited manufactures kinds of magnet spheres and Bucky ball. Such as D4.7mm, D5mm, D7mm, D8mm, including gold color, silver color, black color, Pink color, orange color, red color, Blue color, purple color. Usually, we supply cube shape as a magnetic toy. 216 magnetic spheres make up a toy, this toy can recombine different three-dimensional shape as you imagine which can decompress and develop intelligence. It can be a gift to friend, Children on Christmas day and birthday.







Euke MagTech Limited do not just supply usual magnetic cube, but also supply turning-colors and luminous Bucky ball. Inside, the Magnetic Cube keep white, when it meet sunshine, it change Pink, even change purple, it up to ultraviolet intensity.



The magnet material is Neodymium, it is powerful. So this product is not intended to be inhaled or swallowed; magnets should not be put in nose or mouth. Magnets that are inhaled or swallowed may stick to intestines, which may lead to serious injury or death. Immediate medical attention is required if magnets are inhaled or swallowed. We recommend age 10+.