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Motor Magnet

Permanent Magnet for motor is a high- performance application. One important point is an extreme low air gap between rotor and the magnets in the stator. So, the magnets need small tolerance and chamfering. Sometimes, customer order arc shape and make arc magnet together into ring shape, the small tolerance and charmfering affect the ring from arc shape. Specially , if the motor is mini motor, the thickness of arc shoud be small, so the tolerance play import role. Customer and magnet supplier pay more attention on the details.


Euke MagTech Limited usually supply kinds of magnets for motors, such as brushless motor, DC Motor, AC motor, stepper motor , servo motor, synchronous motor and so on. EUKE supply Block SmCo, bread and arc Neodymium magnet, Hard ferrite , Multi-polar ring magnet for kinds of motors. Whether mini motor or special motor you manufacture, whether regular shape or irregular shape magnet you need or high temperature magnet or special high – performance Permanent magnet,please contact us to discuss more. we own professional R&D team and advanced production technology to serve  customers.

For the high temperaure magnets: we are able to supply, H series, SH series, UH series and SmCo magnets such as S30,S32 (BH)max 250 KJ/m3.
For magnetization direction: such as 8 poles, 14 poles, 32 poles,radial magnetization direction.