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Medical Magnet

Medical Magnet With Health

Euke MagTech Limited--- China Medical Magnets Manufacturer
Magnet is useful in our people life,it is much use in people’s health.Magnetic field can change the blood rheology, reduce blood viscosity, reduce red blood cell aggregation between enhance the activity of superoxide dis-mutase, and enhance the ability to rid the body of free radicals, excessive free radicals accelerate human aging. Microcirculation, enhance the ability of tissue cells material exchange, improve cell viability.



Euke MagTech Limited manufactures many medical magnets such as neodymium magnets, which are widely used medical instruments, medical therapy products etc.


MRI with Neodymium Magnets
Nowadays, more and more medical equipment use rare earth magnets.MRI manufacturers used large quantity of neodymium permanent magnets in their medical machines. It can diagnose the abnormal tissue of human body, disease. That is nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging technology what we are familiar with. It can clearly observe the brain, heart, spinal cord, main blood vessels, joints and bones, soft tissue and pelvic cavity etc. For cardiovascular disease, MRI can not only observe the chamber, great vessels and anatomical changes of valve, and can make ventricular analysis, can make qualitative and semi-quantitative diagnosis, can make multiple sectional drawings with high spatial resolution, can show outline of heart and pathological changes, and Its relationship with the surrounding structure. It is much better than X-ray imaging, two-dimensional ultrasound, nuclide or CT examination.
Many medical products include sintered neodymium magnets. Magnets can not only diagnose, and can help to treat disease. Now, people use magnetic differences of different components in blood to separate white blood cells and red blood cells. In addition, magnets are widely used in magnetic therapy products. It played a unique role in the treatment of various diseases such as magnetic therapy pillow, magnetic therapy belt etc.