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Cow Magnet


Due to many impurities in feed, cattle will ingest ferrous and ferrous materials easily. The ferrous thing causes stomach inflammation or ulcers, affecting cattle growth and milk production; in severe cases it pierces neighboring organs, resulting in cattle deaths. In addition to magnetic separation device used to forage selection, the cow magnet is the most effective tools to prevent cattle suffering from ferrous thing injury. Cow magnet can effectively remove the ferrous and ferrous materials which adsorbed on the cow's stomach. It can enhance appetite and immunity; prevent the injury of gastritis, pericarditis, pleurisy and other cattle diseases; and achieve weight gain, the increase milk production.


We can customize COW MAGNET for you. If you need price, please email us.

Specific Characteristics:
Material: Alnico 5, Ferrite
customize according to customer requirement and design
Common Dimension: Diameter 0.5 "x Length 3" (D12.7x76.2mm)

1. Round ends, it can reach the cow stomach easily.
2. Non-poisonous, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. Adequate and stable magnetic force can attract ferrous debris continuously.

Cow Magnetic Assembly: Ferrite + plastic cover
The Usage: fix cow mouth by mouth opener, push stomach tube which catch cow magnet assembly to stomach slowly;

fill up some warm water if necessary to help the placement.



PS: the device to place Cow Magnetic Assembly