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N52H NdFeB Magnet

N52H Strong Neodymium Magnet
N52H Belong to H series, it the strongest Grade between H series.
The Working temperature is 100 ℃. High coercive force: 11 KOe,(BH)max 53 -55MGOe;
N52H can bear higher working temperature than N52, The magnetic field is more stable.


One of our German customers mentioned in email: “We need the magnet with Counter-bore use high properties rare earth magnet material N52H. We use the magnet in the machine equipment. Can you make it? “ EUKE answer: Yes, we can produce N52H Magnet.


We supply custom N52H magnet, including block, disc, cylinder, Arc shape and irregular shape with countersunk. EUKE also supply Other H Series Grade Custom Permanent Magnet.


Contact us at sales@cmsmagnets.com   , to offer detail and requirement, the sales team and engineer team will supply helpful and professional suggestion.


Euke MagTech Ltd have supplied N52H magnet for acoustics, Motor, Generator, Sensor.