Ring Magnet of radially magnetized


We would like to expound several kinds of magnetization direction of ring sintered and bonded neodymium magnets.

Most of sintered neodymium manufacturers are unable to meet customers' requirement of radial magnetization direction. Even if the sintered neodymium magnets can be magnetized radially, the size and grade (material) is limited. The most common magnetization direction of ring sintered neodymium magnet is magnetization direction through diameter and magnetization direction through thickness. the magnetization direction also can be Multi - poles through diameter and multi poles though thickness

But for the bonded neodymium magnets, the magnetization direction is multi-selection,

The magnetization direction can be 8 poles - radially magnetized, 12 poles - radially magnetized, 24 poles - radially magnetized, 36 poles - radially magnetized, axial magnetization direction and so on.

Multi choice of magnetization direction and 150 ℃ working temperature make bonded neodymium magnet widely used in motor industry including brushless motor, gate motor, mobile vibrating motor automobile industry, office automation and so on.

We are able to manufacture magnetizing ways including radial magnetization direction for ring shape  magnet - Boned NdFeB Magnet and Ferrite magnet, if you need , contact us at sales@cmsmagnets.com