Permanent Magnet Direct Motor


Since 1990 NdFeB Permanent Magnet slowly instead of Ferrite magnet

and play an important role in Motor industry.

Presently, NdFeB Magnets including sintered NdFeB and Bonded NdFeB

are widely used for motors.


Direct Motors have high requirement on Hcj.

So choosing grade such as N35H, N35SH, and N35UH is very important.

It refers to magnetic strength, temperature endurance, reversibility temperature.

Euke MagTech Limited concentrates on working research and develops Permanent Magnet for Direct Motor.

Now we have taken over Government New Projects

and will try best to supply better solutions for Motor field.


It is better to supply more details on concrete parameter such as Hcb or Hcj, usage direction

(for rotor or stator) to improve the success rate of sample.

Relying on Professional craftsmanship and rich production experience,

Wa are able to meet special requirement

and manufacture kinds of irregular shape for direct motors.