Radial Ring NdFeB Magnet


Compared with joint radial ring magnet, one – time molding radial ring magnet can improve the motor output, reduce loss of motor, and own better Temperature stability, particularly, be suitable for high precision driver, micro motor.


Customers complain the joint radial magnet is easy to fall off from bearing and arc assembly precision is low; to improve the disadvantage, EUKE have committed to develop and test one – time molding radial ring magnet for several years, is able to supply one - time molding radial magnet in batch, is widely used to sever motor, step motor and speed measuring motor.


Advantage of one – time molding radial ring NdFeB magnet

  • Inside and outside ring ‘s tolerance can be + / - 0.05,  better coaxial degree and vertical degree
  • Install directly and fast
  • More stable;
  • Used on the rotor, obtained uniform distribution of magnetic flux density
  • Can be meet multi magnetization , such as skewed magnetization  , multi- pole magnetization, uni-pole magnetization


Still, radial ring NdFeB magnet is limited by size and Grade,

OD: Max. 70mm

ID: Min. 10mm,

Wall thickness: Min. 2mm

Height: Max.45mm


Radial Ring NdFeB Magnet