Magnetic Shelf

Since EUKE have Merged with hardware factory, it start producing magnetic shelf including ordinary type, easy -washing type and flow-usher type.

It is widely used in food, dyes, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, mining, environmental, plastics(injection molding ), chemicals, rubber, paint, metallurgy and other industrial applications.The strong magnetic shelf consist of 304 stainless steel and strong NdFeB magnet.

According to the different magnetic forth requirement , use different grade magnet, customer is able to choose 5000gauss to 12000Gauss;

Magnetic shelf has no pollution and energy consumption and long service life;

Magnetic Shelf can work at 80℃ environment ;

We are able supply different shape product, rectangular shape and round shape , and with different quantity of magnetic bar: 3 pcs, 5pcs, 7pcs, 9 pcs, 11pc, 13 pcs, 15 pcs, 17pcs, 19pcs; And the magnetic bar diameter is 25mm, if need smaller or bigger diameter , do best to meet it.

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