N35SH Arc NdFeB Magnet- Manufacturer EUKE MagTech

Hi Elena,

We have a new NdFeB Arc magnet requirement. Please quote your best price.
Please send your best quotation for attached drawing.
2. MOQ - 80000 pcs (send quote for 800 pc, 8000 pc & 80000 pc)
3. GRADE - N35SH however magnet should pass the flux loss criteria as per note 10. If not then send the quote for higher grade.
4. Dimensions to be maintained strictly as per drawing and tolerances mentioned. Any deviation will be rejected.
5. Allowable dent on the either of magnet surface is as per drawing S2. Deviation will be subjected to rejection.
Please send quotation after careful study of drawing and keeping above points in mind.

Requirement on drawing as follow:
1) Magnetic grade: N35SH
2) Density: 7.5-7.55 gm/cc
3) Coating: NI-CU-NI (10-15μm)
4) Magnetic flux:129.8mwb x range 8, ±3%
5) Concentricity between inner&outer radius:0.1-0.15mm
6) Perpendicularity:0.1 degree
7) Beveled edges:0.1-0.4mm
8) Surface roughness of finish surface: for outer surface 1.6 Ra μm & for inner surface 3.2Ra μm over at least 95% of the ground surface
9) Continuous operation temperature
10) Irreversible degradation of magnetic flux less than after exposure at 120 for 10 hrs (open condition)
11) re-magnetization : multiple times up to 98% of rated Br at 20 ℃

Manufacturer EUKE MagTech Limited REPLY:
Thanks for your inquiry.
Sr.no. 2) 4) 5) 6) point will be different from our regular requirement. Please find them as below:
2) Density: 7.5-7.55 gm/cc  --N35SH density will be 7.6/gm/cc
4) Magnetic flux:129.8mwb x range 8, ±3% -- we can meet the tolerance of the magnetic flux,but the values are relative, values will be different between your test and our test.
5) Concentricity between inner&outer radius:0.1-0.15mm -- this value is unmeasured, and no customers have this requirement.
6)Perpendicularity:0.1 degree -- considering the length of this arc magnet, 0.1 degree is difficult to meet, we only can be sure the perpendicularity will be 0.2~0.5 degree.
If you can accept the different points , we will offer price to you, and we are willing to supply the arc NdFeB magnet sample to you.

Looking forward to your comment.

Customers REPLY:
Sr No.2) 4) 5) 6) specs are not that important and can be adjusted. Regarding perpendicularity, 0.2~0.5 degree is acceptable.
Please let me know about your best pricing and sample availability.

Manufacturer EUKE MagTech Limited REPLY:
Thanks for your fast reply. Enclosed Please find the Quotation in attachment.
Size as drawing R18.5xr14x60x87°Ni-Cu-Ni,diameter magnetized(in pair),N35SH
800pcs, Unit price: CIF MUMBAI INDIA***
8000~80000pcs, Unit Price: CIF MUMBAI INDIA ***

Leadtime: 30~35days

Looking forward to hearing from you.