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How to choose material and grade


NdFeb magnet and SmCo magnet are divided into many grades; you could learn Br. Hcb, BHmax. , Working temperature and so on.

Working temperature is very important, the stability of magnetism is closely related to.

Within Operating temperature range, the magnetic force will be correspondingly weakening when the working temperature rise 1 ℃. Basically, the magnetism can be restored to the original level after cooling, if the working temperature exceeds the max. working temperature of magnet , the magnet will slowly demagnetized, and magnetic properties can’t  be recovered.


Motor manufacturers, wind turbine manufacturers, components manufacturers prefer to choose H series , SH series and other high grade as raw material, because of the strong magnetism and high temperature resistance. For example, the max. working temperature of N42H is 120℃, if the environment working temperature is just 120℃, we suggest custom to N42SH Grade, the N42SH can stand 150℃. The demagnetization is related with size, if the size is small, the N42H magnet may begin to demagnetize at 110℃.


The SINTERED NDFEB MAGNET can withstand highest working temperature about 220℃,this working temperature is unable to meet the requirement of other application. So, some users choose SmCo as material, the Sm2Co17 max. working temperature can be 350℃, and the properties keep stable under high working temperature, so the Samarium Cobalt magnet is very popular among customer who need high working temperature.


Choosing of material and grade need to consider many factors, such as Hcj, BHmax. , hardness, brittleness and so on.

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About Customer Complaints

Product quality issues, customers can contact Sales Department, the sales will provide the《Customer feedback form》for customer to fill out, the sales submit it to the Quality Department and Technical Department to analyze the causes and provide solutions, and then the sales communicate with customers and obtain customer satisfaction.


How to Pack Powerful Magnets

Magnet package is one of important points, especially powerful magnet; On the one side, the magnets must be without cracked magnet and perfect to arrive at destination.

On the other side, can not affect aircraft navigation when by air which request perfect package to protect the magnet to meet the safe transportation. EUKE make isolation packing with iron sheet, foam sheet to shield the magnetic strenth. Magnets are packed into small paper box inside big carton when magnets are small size. When by sea, Cartons are in wood pallet.


Show some package pictures:



Magnetization Direction